Natural Way of Meditation

People are inherently enlightened.

People are happy as they are.

You cannot pass the truth of existence to people by teaching them, nor can you see it by being taught.

You can realize the truth of existence only through your own real experience.

I have repeated this many times in this blog.

I have also talked about some ways to realize it.

This time, I’ll explain its very essence, the “Natural Way of Meditation.”

I gave it that name myself.

There might be other meditation methods with the same name. They’re probably different, although I wouldn’t mind if they were the same.

The Natural Way of Meditation I propose is a method of doing nothing that requires no effort. I think it is the most natural method.

First, switch off your mobile. Turn off your home phone, or put the answering machine on.

Sit on a soft floor cushion, a sofa, or an armchair.

Sit in a comfortable position that doesn’t create tension.

Seating in the seiza position (with your legs under you) or in the fold-legged zazen posture is fine, but if you feel your knees or legs tense, then sitting cross-legged is better.

Don’t lower your head too much, or you will have clouded thoughts and also become sleepy.

If your head touches a wall or the back of a chair, you will be concerned about the area, so keep your head apart from surfaces.

Close your eyes. You may practice meditation with your eyes open once you are fully used to it.

Just be here and now, as you are, without doing anything.

Simply observe sounds that reach your ears, thoughts that come into your head, emotions, and sensations of the body, as they are, without analyzing or criticizing them.

When it comes to “observing,” you may think that you have to concentrate. Just relax however, because concentrating means tensing up.

If an analytical or critical thought appears following an emotion or thought that comes to your mind, do nothing but watch the thought as well, just the way it is.

Our brains are always divided by conflicts that arise between facts and thoughts, such as “it’s supposed to be this way” or “is this OK?”

The conflict is very subtle, but causes tension and a feeling of uneasiness.

The conflict itself prevents us from seeing the bare fact.

The thought that “it’s supposed to be this way” or “is this OK?” is also a fact happening here and now all the same; accordingly, watch the thought as it stands.

Thinking that it should be removed adds another thought: “it’s supposed to be this way.”

You therefore only need to observe everything happening here and now, as is.

This is exactly the truth of here and now, the one and only truth; there are no other truths.

Realizing this fact will bring you great peace of mind and sheer bliss.

You will then find complete silence.

Moreover, you will know that this silence is your true self.

Everything is simply happening in complete and utter silence.

You will see everything—the sound of a refrigerator, a voice, the sound of a car, a thought in the head, an emotion, and sensations of the body—happening in complete silence.

And you will realize it is everything happening that is silence.

Everything is one.

There is no inside or outside.

There are no boundaries.

There is no self; there are no others.

Here and now lacks nothing.

Everything is just happening.

Everything is perfect.

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