Accept people’s feelings

In the world, it seems to me that quite a few people are apparently happy in their own ways, but have actually suffered over time from problems with someone in their families, such as their parent, child, brother, sister, husband, or wife. In addition to family relations, so many people seem to suffer in friendships, … Continue reading Accept people’s feelings


All good!

We have seven cats in our house now. One of them is an approximately one-year-old female cat called Chibi. It means "tiny" in English. Actually, she is blind. She was able to see things normally up until about three months after she was born, when she suddenly contracted a viral disease (like a cold) and … Continue reading All good!

Everything is fine (part 3)

This world is constantly changing, or in other words, alive. This is the world of life—revealing and unfolding itself moment by moment—neither arising nor ceasing. We commonly think that this changing world has various forms of life that are all born and die separately. All seemingly separate things are also a manifestation of a single … Continue reading Everything is fine (part 3)