Natural Way of Meditation

People are inherently enlightened. People are happy as they are. You cannot pass the truth of existence to people by teaching them, nor can you see it by being taught. You can realize the truth of existence only through your own real experience. I have repeated this many times in this blog. I have also … Continue reading Natural Way of Meditation


How to see your self properly

The Self-seeing Method is the practice of simply seeing thoughts (ideas and emotions) that arise and then fade away, as they are, without any criticism or judgment. You can do it in your everyday life, just like watching scenery, for one to three minutes (or longer when you get used to doing it). The purpose … Continue reading How to see your self properly

World of truth and world of illusion (part 1)

The world of truth is the world of "life." Only life really exists; nothing else essentially does. This is one inseparable world where life weaves various tapestries moment by moment. There is not a single thing separate, nor is there an "individual," or a "self." Humans have a cerebrum (brain) that can only think relatively, … Continue reading World of truth and world of illusion (part 1)